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Gorges du Tarn

Near the Hotel La Capelle

From our hotel, come and discover the Gorges du Tarn, a true wonder of France. They impressed UNESCO, which listed them as part of a World Heritage Site. Over millions of years, the clear water of this river has carved a deep and winding path. Fuelled by rainfall, the water basin fed the Jonte and Dourbie rivers. These fed the River Tarn and helped it to weaken and erode the hard rock of the Causse. The walls of the gorge with their successive layers illustrate this natural history. Amid these grandiose, towering gorges, you’ll be in awe. Ideally worth exploring by canoe, the incredible landscape with its fantastic views will seem like a geological museum, a zoo and a water park all at the same time. 

Everything there is so vast and it’s easy to feel tiny. And yet each part of your journey is an opportunity to discover the place that humankind has been able to carve in this immense space, and how spectacularly so. From one point, you’ll see a bridge so finely crafted that you’ll ask yourself how it has been able to cope with the tumultuous, stormy waves of the Tarn. From another point, you’ll see the strong and sturdy corbel arches of a medieval military site overlooking the river. All in all, it’s like one marvel after the other. High above, griffon vultures fly in concentric circles and soar in silence in the updrafts, keeping a watchful eye over you as you scale the walls of the gorge, if you want to see things from a vertical perspective... If you prefer something more horizontal, the PR 41 hiking trail will highlight the traces of cave dwelling from the village of Liaucous, which you can also see from the cool shade of the Château de Peyrelade and the village of Mostuéjouls.